When I saw Carla Bruni on CNN recently, greeting the Obamas as the first lady of France, I was reminded of the day we spent together in a Paris hotel room… shooting this story for British Vogue.  When you get the great Vogue Editor Anna Harvey, Creative Director Robin Derrick, and models Carla Bruni and Meghan Douglas together in a gorgeous suite at the Hotel de Crillon, the pictures are bound to be pretty great.  Our suite was next door to a high ranking Saudi official whose 4 bodyguards permanently posted in the hallway were suspicious of our tendency to roll up rugs, move antique furniture, and bang against the walls.  I was always happy with the spirit and color of these photos, so thought I’d share them.


Client: British Vogue
Photographer: Dewey Nicks
Creative Director: Anna Harvey
Hair: Bruce Libre
Makeup: Tracey Grey
Models: Carla Bruni, Meghan Douglas
Location: Hotel de Crillon, Paris