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Then Again


Client: vogue

Photographer: Dewey Nicks

Model: Diane Keaton


Boys ‘Round Here

Nashville has quickly become one of my top towns to visit.  I’ll take almost any chance I can to go back, so I jumped at the opportunity to work with perpetual favorite Maggie Mann and the cool, laidback guys from the show.  Our editorial assignment for Glamour worked out so well that ABC called and asked to use the pictures as an ad for the show itself.

  • Client: Glamour Magazine
  • Photographer: Dewey Nicks
  • Senior Fashion Editor: Maggie Mann
  • Models: Eric Close, Chip Esten, Sam Palladio, Jonathan Jackson
  • Location: Nashville, TN

Take It Easy

Shooting for the brand new Revel resort in Atlantic City, I arrived at the massive, still-under-construction grounds on a blustery, windswept day. Collaborating with the great creatives at Mother Agency and stylist Susan Winget, we used the rain, wind, and moments of sunshine to our advantage and captured some terrific shots that alternated between dramatic and super cute.

  • Client: Revel
  • Agency: Mother New York
  • Creative Director: Michael Ian Kaye
  • Photographer: Dewey Nicks
  • Stylist: Susan Winget
  • Models: Linda, Thais, Derek, Austin, Sara,
  • John, Lizzie, Michael
  • Hair: Gerald DeCock
  • Makeup: Regina Harris
  • Prop Stylist: Shawn Patrick Anderson
  • Production: Lynda Goldstein
  • Location: Atlantic City, NJ

High Tide

I got to know brothers Raan and Shea Parton on the beach in Carpinteria.  When I told them their Apolis menswear line was a favorite of mine, they asked me to grab a camera and come over to take a look at their new collaboration with J Crew.  I have a lot of respect for these guys and what they’re doing, making classic, no nonsense, quality products with a commitment to global advocacy.  Check their stuff and their story here (link to http://www.apolisglobal.com/about/).  Shoots don’t get any more convenient than this, getting up at sunrise and walking down to their beach house about 100 yards from my front door.  And style points to them for making the most of the small Santa Barbara swell.


Client: Apolis

Photographer: Dewey Nicks

Location: Carpinteria, CA



I found this traditional New York loft studio and the Avedon-esque quality of the light became my inspiration for our latest Max Mara shoot.  Ava Smith was a great model and stylist Giovanna Battaglia is such a talent.  Hair stylist Shay Ashual and makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift did beautiful work.  And of course creative direction by the incomparable Giorgio Guidotti, whenever we work together I know I’m going to love the final images.

  • Client: Max Mara
  • Photographer: Dewey Nicks
  • Stylist: Giovanna Battaglia
  • Tailor: Maria Del Greco
  • Model: Ava Smith at Wilhelmina Models
  • Hair Stylist: Shay Ashual at Tim Howard
  • Makeup: Rose-Marie Swift at Streeters NY
  • Manicurist: Honey at Exposure
  • Prop Stylist: Jesse Kauffman at Magnet NY
  • Production: Creative Chaos Inc.
  • Location: New York, NY

Isn’t She Lovely

It was a perfect Palm Springs day from sunrise to sunset at the Parker Hotel where there’s a great location around every corner.  Fashion Director Evyan Metzner is a joy to work with, bringing color, a great spirit, and a sense of invention to every shoot she does.

  • Client: Self Magazine
  • Photographer: Dewey Nicks
  • Fashion Director: Evyan Metzner
  • Models: Laura Scott at Major & Thomas Maden at Ford
  • Hair: Nikki Providence at Jed Root
  • Makeup: Christy Coleman at The Wall Group
  • Prop Stylist: Christopher Casonova & Matt Lancaster
  • Production: Joanna Strong at Strong Productions
  • Location: Palm Springs, CA

Gracia Urbana

Coco Rocha is a force of nature:  nonstop movement that can take over any street corner and turn it into a studio.  It’s like a performance piece to shoot her, she just goes and you try to find a place to stand to capture the action.  Even in the chaos of Time Square at midday, people were watching her with open mouths.  With a concept and great styling by Sara Gore-Reeves, it was a whirlwind and a lot of fun.  It doesn’t take long with Coco, she steps out of the van and starts going.  We shot the entire story for Vogue Latin America within 100 yards of the van in just a couple hours.

  • Client: Vogue Mexico
  • Photographer: Dewey Nicks
  • Stylist: Sarah Gore Reeves
  • Model: Coco Rocha at Wilhelmina
  • Hair: Dennis Goys at Jed Root
  • Makeup: Moani Lee
  • Manicurist: Kumi Nagano
  • Location: Times Square, New York, NY